Ameya Dabli – The Complete Entertainer

Ameya has always been inclined towards music since early childhood – this was largely due to his mother Dr. Mrs. Anuradha Dabli, who is a trained classical and light music exponent – and who, as a student of the legendary Dr. Prabha Atre ji – has ensured that Ameya was always provided with the right training (riyaaz) since he was 5 years of age. He is currently being trained under Devaki Panditji.

In addition to learning Indian music (semi classical and light music) Ameya is also trained in Western Music from a tender age of 7 years under the guidance of his teacher Mr. Rawat – who meticulously chipped away at the raw stone to help carve out a beautiful sculpture – thus introducing and polishing Ameya with a different musical genre altogether.

Another facet of Ameya’s musical personality is his love for Sanskrit language and chanting of shlokas which were introduced to him by his father Prof. P. V Dabli – a Sanskrit scholar and Dakshina fellow himself. Hence, not only does Ameya recite from sacred scriptures and can render the entire 18 chapters of the Bhagwat Geeta or Vishnu Sahatranaam with elan, he is also a trained Sanskrit vocalist and can render most of the marquee Sanskrit stotrams (sacred verses) and various sacred hymns with ease.

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It’s a complete team effort

Ameya’s Team comprises of some of the leading musicians from the indutry who have performed globally.


Stay Blissful with Ameya Dabli

Stay Blissful with Ameya Dabli

Stay Blissful with Ameya Dabli